Pink Rilakkuma pouch from Ekilove

I was so pleased with my blue pouch from ekilove that I contacted Eki for a custom made Rilakkuma pouch with pink lining - couldn't resist the calling of pink hehe.

I love how Eki always wraps everything beautifully as if it's a gift. Pink packaging is the best ^^

The zipper charm Eki included adds a really nice touch to the already sweet pouch.

I can fit my Rilakkuma pocket schedule book in this roomy pouch too! It's the perfect size - small enough to carry around but has enough space for quite a few makeup items too. Love the pink satin lining and soft Rilakkuma fabric.

Eki also sent me a Maybelline eyeshadow, phone charm and some yummy sweeties (all disappeared lol).

I love how Eki always puts so much love into her creations (and it certainly shows); just like like my blue pouch, this Rikakkuma one is beautifully made and extremely adorable. Of course I'll be keeping an eye on her store in the future so I can snap up some more cute items!

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  1. Hi sweets
    THanks for making a post about my creation! Im happy that you are happy with my handmade! thank you for making a loving home to my creations! <3