A few more SUQQU...

After my previous SUQQU post I decided I did want a few more items, so phoned up Selfridges last Saturday to place a mail order (I'm probably addicted to SUQQU...). I should have received the order on Tuesday but I was in my own little world watching the latest episode of Heroes with my near soundproof headset on, so didn't hear the DHL van outside or the knocks on my door. I didn't expect my order to arrive this quikly either; I guess it was sent out on the same day - how's that for speedy service!

The makeup base and foundation sponge I wanted were unfortunately out of stock so I ended up with:

Musculate Massage Cream - thought I'd get the gankin massage cream after all; unfortunately it doesn't come with instructions but I think I can still remember (more or less) how the massage was done.
Face Refresher - removes the cream after gankin massage.
HA Whitening Mist - a makeup fixing brightening & moisturizing mist which can also be used throughout the day.

And the Eyelash Curler because it gave me a lovely natural looking curl during my makeover, and didn't crimp my lashes into a 90 degree angle. It also comes with 2 rubber refills which is rather handy.


  1. Woooooooooow~~~! Seems that you are now totally in love with SUQQU! Lol~

    So are you plotting your next SUQQU purchase already?!

  2. I absolutely am - I think it's probably my favourite brand now if I had to choose one. As for planning my next purchase I do have a few more things on my wish list hehe ;)