Rilakkuma 2010 pocket schedule book/organizer

Some days I really don't mind being woken up early by the postie, and this is one of those days as I was brought one of the most adorable things I've ever seen!

San-X Rilakkuma usually comes on a yellow background, but I was happy to find a pink Rilakkuma schedule book with cute strawberries (one of my fave fruits) on the front; this was a custom purchase from an Etsy seller.

The schedule book says 2010, but starts in November 2009 and ends March 2011. It has a double page monthly calendar, followed by a page per week, and from what I've seen so far it has no repeating Rilakkuma pictures which keeps it interesting.

It's so small and handy compared to my current pink one (from Victoria's Secret) which is bulky, heavy (it does have ample writing space though) and empty most of the time since I just don't have that much stuff to write. I almost don't want to use start using this though, because it looks way too cute!

The Rilakkuma pictures are themed - I think this is a really nice touch. For example, January 2010 has him wearing scarves, there's a snowman and yarn; presumably because it's cold. Then there are Halloween and other festive themes too.

There are a few pages for notes at the back, cash book for expenditures etc, address pages, even a BMI chart and subway maps - I guess these are always useful!


  1. Ohh I know that bear!!

    While I don't share your erm addiction to them (she has a real bear home), oddly enough I find that agenda quite good-looking.

    Original and cute... suits you Siany :P

  2. You love all bears in general, big & small, you can't deny it Jindu ;)

  3. Super super cute! <3

  4. hey!

    may i know where you got this? thanks! im interested in getting one too :D

  5. Hey LIMYIHUI,

    The actual schedule book is and there are also other Rilakkuma ones

    I got it from this Etsy seller I think they can custom order anything from the above website, just send them a message.

    Hope this helps! :)

  6. how much it is? i love the bear..

    how bout order from another country.. example i'm in indonesia