SUQQU Holiday 2009 Makeup Kits

As mentioned in my previous post, this review (amongst quite a few others) is long overdue so without further ado...

SUQQU's Christmas 2009 collection is Yukihana, which means snowflakes in Japanese. Both the palettes are decorated with snowflakes to fit in with the theme. The snowflakes on the eye palette are silver and ones on the lip palette are pale pink.

Holiday Makeup Kit A

This pretty makeup kit contains Eye Lucent EX-03 Yukigasumi, Blend Eyeshadow quad EX-06 Maiyuki and Original Pouch A (roomy chocolate brown makeup pouch with 4 inner pockets).

I really love the Eye Lucent; it's a very fine opalescent pink powder that comes with its own cute mini puff and can be used on eyes, cheeks and anywhere else you want to add a bit of shimmer. Really beautiful for a bit of extra sparkle when lightly sweeped over eyeshadow, and gives an awakening effect if used on the inner corners of eyes.

Swatching this was a bit tricky but you can see the shimmers here

The Blend Eyeshadow quad contains:
Bottom right - a pearly off white shimmery base to be used all over the lid
Bottom left - pigmented shimmery copper brown; this is the main/lining shade and I use it mostly along my top and bottom lashes
Top left - sheer pale mauve with very fine shimmers, used in the crease
Top right - medium taupe brown, I blend this on my top lid to add definition

On the whole this is a very wearable and versatile palette.


I think SUQQU makes the highest quality eyeshadows that I've tried so far; their ultra smooth textures blend effortlessly and stay all day without creasing. All shadows in EX-06 Maiyuki have a pearly/shimmery finish but I don't mind because I prefer shimmery shadows over matte ones.

This is the first Blend Eyeshadow quad in my collection and as much as I adore it, I don't plan on collecting them all. Then again because this is SUQQU I'll probably be persuaded otherwise ¬_¬

Holiday Makeup Kit B
This kit was sent to me to review by SUQQU; it was actually sent before the holidays but as I was away I missed the delivery and couldn't pick it up till I returned.

Makeup Kit B contains Gloss & Lip Color Palette EX-02 Yukiiro, Nail Color EX-25 and a shimmery lilac makeup pouch with detachable wrist strap.

I'm not usually much of a nail polish fan and only really wear it on my toes, however this sheer iridescent pink Nail Color in EX-25 really took me by surprise as it's different to the various shades of bright pink polish I own. I can wear it on my fingernails without it being too obvious.

Up close swatch which shows the multi coloured pink sparkles

Although I liked the lip products used on me at my makeover, I decided not to purchase Makeup Kit B as I felt two of the lip colours in the palette were too dark for my liking.

All the lip colours are wearable, but my favourites are top left (pretty shimmery lip gloss similar to the nail polish) and bottom right (pinkish red which gives a "my lips but better" effect). I like to layer the gloss over the lip colour as I'm not really one for lipsticks.

Swatches on my arm:

The lip colours & gloss have decent staying power and don't dry out my lips, but I like to use a balm underneath anyway to keep my lips extra hydrated.

The only minor gripe I have with the palettes is that their dark shiny reflective cases are major magnets for fingerprints (same goes for all SUQQU makeup actually) so I'm always having to wipe clean.

Both kits were still available for purchase at Selfridges when I visited SUQQU just over a week ago. Needless to say I took the opportunity to pick out a few more items...


  1. Awwww!!! The SUQQU eyeshadow palette looks very very very pretty!!! I want it too!!! >.<

    Can I request for a EOTD using this palette??

  2. I was worried you collapsed under the pile of beauty products you collected, hence the lack of update :p
    Glad to see you're back, nice review :)

  3. ~raspy~
    Hehe ok I'll do one, but not today as I didn't wear any makeup.

    I always have enough strength to crawl out :P

  4. Now I see why you ate so much at your family's,recovering so that you can deal with your goodies heap.

    You're so genius always planning ahead :p

    Now that statement of yours made me curious, can't wait to see the result!

  5. Oh... what a great SUQQU haul! I love the eyeshadow palette - I can imagine wearing these shades everyday, for they are so neutral.

    Btw, may I ask you where you see the main difference between SUQQU Powder Foundation Glow and Powder Foundation Fresh?

    I haven't purchased yet, since I'm still not sure about which shade matches me. And now, I'm wondering, whether Glow or Fresh is better.

    I'd like to achieve a natural, glowy finish with light to medium coverage.

  6. Hey Jess - I think the main difference between Glow & Fresh is that Glow feels more moist and is more suitable for normal/dryish skin whereas Fresh would be better for oilier skin types. Both have the same coverage. I personally prefer Glow as it gives a more natural look but Fresh is a better match.

    I've been wanting to do a more detailed comparison but never got round to it, thanks for the reminder ^^