The Saem Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask [Review]

A recently used up product, this Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask from The Saem is one of the few face masks I used semi regularly - most of the time, I favour sheet masks for convenience.

The Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask, containing oxygen and black pearl extract, claims to brighten, purify the complexion, shrink pores while removing dead skin cells. Plus, it was only ₩9,800 (just over £5, on sale from TesterKorea)!

The Saem products, like Innisfree,  are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, animal ingredients, or artificial colourings. You get 50g of product in the pump tube.

I have to say that this is one of the most fun facial products I've used! The mask dispenses as a slimy gel, but about 30 seconds after spreading on to the skin, it gradually changes into a foam - I can even feel the gel gently fizzing away on my face! Once it has completely oxidised and leaves you with a face full of bubbles, you massage the foam into your skin, removing dead skin cells in the process, before rinsing it off with warm water.

The mask starts off like this:

Once spread:

Give it a few minutes...

Time to massage it in and wash it off!

I like how convenient the Bubble Mask is, as unlike difficult to wash off mud/clay masks, it doesn't glue itself to my face. However, this product fails to meet my expectations in two areas 1) the pump isn't great; sometimes I needed to push the pump several times, while other times a load of product would come flowing out in one press, but of course mine could have just been defective, and 2) the scent (floral?) though not unpleasant, is too strong for my liking.

The promised brightening effect is only temporary, but the mask does leave my skin feeling extra soft.  Even the swatch on my arm has left behind a slightly smoother patch of skin.

Overall, I have enjoyed using this mask (fragrance aside), but I'm unlikely to buy it again because I have so many items to get through already, not to mention there are NoTS & Sulwhasoo (yay!) products I'm super hyped about on their way.

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