NoTS Wrinkle Repairing Hand Cream [Review]

NoTS Wrinkle Repairing Hand Cream is the newest addition to my stash of hand creams, included free with my recent Koreadepart NoTS haul for spending $100+ on NoTS products.

NoTS, abbreviation for Noble Through Skin, is a mid-range Korean skincare and makeup brand founded in 2011. NoTS uses all natural ingredients in their products, which are also cruelty free. The brand's target audience is those with sensitive skin - none of their products contain parabens, with some being fragrance & alcohol free. For more information, check out their website.

The Wrinkle Repairing Hand Cream contains good for your skin ingredients including eco certified shea butter, royal jelly, sunflower seed oil, pomegranate extract, as well as vitamins A, E and F.

Compared to Innisfree's Jeju hand creams (some of my favourites, especially hallabong/peach), NoTS has a slightly thicker texture, yet doesn't take as long to absorb, so I can return to whatever I was doing almost immediately. This hand cream leaves my hands feeling soft and not at all sticky, whereas with Innisfree there's a short period of stickiness after application.

I don't like floral scents in general, so I was quite surprised to find myself warming up to the soft floral scent of NoTS. If I could inject the scent of peach or orange into this hand cream however, it would actually be perfect!

Although I really like this hand cream overall, I don't feel that it wowed me enough to warrant a repurchase - or rather, purchase, since this was free with my order. For me, the floral scent was its only let down.

NoTS Wrinkle Repairing Hand Cream ingredients:

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