Koreadepart NoTS (Noble Through Skin) haul

Other than the one sun cream by The History of Whoo, my most recent Koreadepart order consisted solely of NoTS products.

Noble Through Skin, or NoTS (not a google friendly abbreviation), is a fairly new Korean skincare & makeup brand, founded in 2011 by a lady who was unable to find suitable products for her young son's skin problems. The brand's main focuses are natural, safe ingredients, eco-friendly materials, along with high quality products and scientific formulas.

The NoTS brand principles:

I was rather intrigued by this brand, and it just so happened that Koreadepart had a free hand cream offer with $100+ NoTS purchase. What better time to try something new?

I placed my order at the very start of the month. Koreadepart usually takes a week to process orders, so a two week wait to receive everything was somewhat expected.

NoTS White Luminaire Revital Fluid, White Luminaire Revital Essence and White Luminaire Spot Correcting Cream - These arrived at the perfect time as I've almost finished my HABA skincare products. I'm looking forward to discovering how this range fares.

In hindsight, having used the Sulwhasoo Snowise Cleansing Foam and Snowise Exfoliating Gel, I would have preferred the rest of the Snowise range instead, but I can always get those another time.

NoTS UV Protection Sun Cream and NoTS Wrinkle Repairing Hand Cream (free!)

NoTS Lip Repairing Balm, NoTS Lip Shimmer Gloss with their fingerprint magnet packaging.

Just noticed that the Lip Shimmer Gloss is upside down in the first pic... Oops!

NoTS Silk Glow Stick Foundation, NoTS Once Finishing Cream, NoTS Powder Pact. The stick foundation and powder pact are only available in two shades, #21 and #23. #21 usually isn't too far off, so that was the shade I chose for both.

The History of Whoo Jin Hae Yoon Sun Cream - the Whoo lip gloss I ordered was sadly out of stock, so the sun cream arrived all by its lonesome.

The samples:

I feel that Jolse is definitely more thoughtful (and generous!) with their gifts; I loved the variety of samples included with my Sulwhasoo order. Koreadepart on the other hand tends to throw in multiples of the same product. While I appreciate all freebies, there's only so much I can do with a stack (of 9) of NoTS 28 Remedy samples. At least, I didn't get 50 sachets of something I'll never use.

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