NoTS Lip Shimmer Gloss [Review]

I wasn't entirely sure how to categorise this post. Despite the name of this NoTS (Noble Through Skin) lip... product, Lip Shimmer Gloss, it's neither shimmery nor glossy. Ah well, it can go into the lip balm category for now.

Being the lip gloss addict that I am, just the words of "shimmer" and "gloss" were enough to make me add it to cart. The SPF 10 was a small bonus.

Official photo:
The first thing I noticed after unboxing was the mirror like packaging - I get that makeup brands like "sleek" but couldn't they at least have used a frosted finish? Apart from the base, this thing such a fingerprint magnet that I'm having to wipe it constantly. Whatever plastic used unfortunately makes the tube feel cheaply made. In a nutshell, the stock photo looks so much better than the real thing... /rantover

Amount of product: 3.5g.

The "Shimmer Gloss" is not so much gloss, but more of a colour changing lip balm. Now, I've tried these things before, and after the initial "oooh magical" novelty has worn off, I've always found them to be quite... lacking. I get neither the colour intensity/shininess of a lip gloss nor the hydration of a lip balm, so it doesn't take long for them to get the boot.

Admittedly, this is the most moisturising colour changing balm I've tried - feels very comfortable on and hydrates all but the driest of lips. I squinted very hard looking for the promised shimmer but nop, there is none.

Unlike most lip products with SPF that have bit of an odd taste, I can't taste anything here.


It gives a very pretty wash of pink for the lips, but that is as pigmented as it gets. Even after the balm has worn off, my lips are left with a slightly rosy tint.

Given the state of my overflowing stash, I will only repurchase what I believe to be products I can't be without, and overall this lip balm falls short. But, if you have dry lips and love colour changing lip balms, this is worth checking out!

NoTS Lip Shimmer Gloss ingredients:

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