Josie Maran Live Color-fully Argan Oil Collection [Review]

This Live Color-fully Argan Oil Collection by Josie Maran Cosmetics is a limited edition set available exclusively at Sephora. For $38, you get a collection of Josie Maran products with a retail value of $59 if purchased separately.

The items are: Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee 2.7g (travel size, $13 if purchased on its own), Argan High Gloss Lip Quench 8ml (full size, $18), Argan Watercolor Eye Shadow 4.7ml (full size, $18) and Argan Black Oil Mascara 5ml (small size, approx $13.85).

For a supposedly eco brand, the packaging used for these is far too big. Anyway, starting from the left...

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee
The included pot is 2.7g which I believe is the travel size. Pink Escape is a universally flattering pinkish red that can also be used as a lip stain, assuming you can get enough product out - do not touch this travel size with a bargepole unless you enjoy scooping with your fingernails.

The pot is so tiny that it's physically impossible to get to the product and not get it under your nails. I mean I get that travel sizes are small for portability, but they need to be practical too.

Here's a size reference next to a regular size tube of lip balm:

Packaging gripes aside, the staying power is poor, the colour washes off too easily with water and the colour is just okay for an understated natural flush. Despite its claims of "increased skin hydration" I didn't find it to be any more moisturising than other gel blushes and frankly, the tiny amount that you use isn't going to make any difference to dry cheeks.

The swatch on the left (below) is about as pigmented as its gets. Honestly there are better and cheaper natural cheek stains available, such as tarte Cheek Stain, so I can't recommend this.

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadow

Playa Del Pink is a gorgeous metallic shimmery pink champagne with amazing colour pay off - what you see on the bottle is exactly what you get. You need to shake the bottle to mix the colour with the coconut water and once applied and left to dry, it stays put. I don't even need to use a primer on my oily eyelids.

Having said that, I wouldn't buy this for $18 since it's not a colour I'd wear often, but it's nice to have in my stash just in case.


Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara
I've had my share of bad mascaras in the past but this, has officially taken the top spot for worst mascaras ever created. The brush is good for separating eyelashes but that is literally the only half decent part about this mascara.

Lengthening? Volumizing? Curling? I don't think so! This mascara did nothing other than undo the work of my Shu Uemura curlers, making my already straight eyelashes look even straighter.

If I apply a couple of coats, I may as well not wear mascara because it doesn't show up; if I continue to layer, it'll clump, then eventually flake. Oh, it smudges easily too.

Not at all worth buying. $22 for the full size? Daylight robbery.

Josie Maran Argan High Gloss Lip Quench
Ever since I lost my previous Argan High Gloss Lip Quench, I've been unable to find a replacement (I think it's been discontinued), so I was happy to see it included in this collection.

The Argan High Gloss Lip Quench is a gloss/balm hybrid with a brilliant shine and provides excellent hydration for parched lips. Sticker than lip balms, it has better staying power and lasts about 2.5 hours on me if I don't eat anything.

Though it looks golden yellow when swatched, it appears totally clear on the lips.

As someone who's tried a lot of lip glosses & balms, if I were to make a list of top 10 hybrid gloss/balms, this would definitely have a place. It's just so convenient to apply (no mirror needed), very hydrating and leaves me with soft lips after even it's worn off. Plus it contains all natural ingredients including argan and jojoba oil to deeply condition the lips... Of all products, I have no idea why this was chosen to be discontinued.

Ingredients of products reviewed in this post:

For me the High Gloss Lip Quench carried the rest of the set. The eyeshadow is good, but not one I'd use often; the gelee is below average with poorly designed packaging; and the mascara? Belongs in the bin.

Unfortunately I feel that Josie Maran products have gradually gone downhill over the last few years, and this Live Color-fully Argan Oil Collection as a whole, hasn't been able to reinstate my faith in the brand. So going forward for the foreseeable future, I won't be making further Josie Maran purchases.

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