Koyudo Collection Pure ピュア Makeup Brush Set

I don't think I even needed this Koyudo Collection Pure ピュア Makeup Brush Set, but, I just couldn't resist the plump, pearl pink brush handles. In fact, I may phase out all of my brushes to end up with an all pink brush collection, with the exception of the SUQQU Face Brush (too good) and Koyudo Kumamon Brush (too cute).

These Koyudo Collection Pure brushes arrived in a baby pink Koyudo gift box which has since been repurposed. As you would expect from Koyudo, every single brush is of superior quality and fantastically made - densely packed bristles, perfectly smooth, does not shed.

Whenever possible I tend to go for smaller brushes as I find them easier to handle, and of course, they look cuter too!

Also included is a black quilted pouch of surprisingly sturdy quality:

This 4 piece collection comes with one of each of -  powder brush, liquid foundation brush, eyeshadow M brush and concealer/lip brush.

Koyudo Collection Powder Brush

Materials: Grey squirrel and goat hair mix
Hair length: 3.5cm
Total Length: 11.2cm

The bristles are dense yet silky soft, allowing for a smooth application of face powders. The flat base means I can store the brush standing for convenience.

Koyudo Collection Liquid Foundation Brush

Materials: Polyester
Hair length: 1.8cm
Total Length: 10.8cm

I prefer angled brushes for liquid foundation for ease of use and the more natural finish it gives.

Koyudo Collection Eyeshadow M Brush

Materials: Pony hair
Hair length: 1.4cm
Total Length: 11.2cm

Great at picking up eyeshadow, but I think the slightly softer eyeshadow brush from the Koyudo Platinum Makeup Brush Set is more versatile, as it's also good for blending.

Koyudo Collection Concealer & Lip Brush

Materials: Polyester
Hair length: 0.85cm
Total Length: 10.7cm

This is used as a concealer brush only. Though I feel this is slightly on the soft side and too concealer texture dependent, it does a fine job.

At ¥16,588 for the set, these brushes are very competitively priced given their undeniable quality. A similar set from MAC would set you back around the same amount, yet MAC brushes simply can't hold a candle to Koyudo.

Although I love this Koyodu Collection Pure brushes, I still prefer the Koyudo Platinum set I got a few months ago - nothing beats the softness of 100% squirrel hair!

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