Secret Key Snail 97 Soothing Gel [Review]

This is one of the few products I've managed to use up recently; it's not that I haven't been trying hard enough, I simply have too many products stashed away, and I suppose constantly adding to the mountain doesn't help matters!

The Korean brand Secret Key is similar to Innisfree (one of my favourites) in that they're both free of controversial ingredients including parabens and mineral oil. Both brands are around the same affordable price range.

According to BeautyNetKorea, the Secret Key Snail 97 Soothing Gel:
    • contains 97% snail secretion filtrate
    • is suitable all year round anywhere on the body
    • moisturizes and revitalizes the skin
    • instantly penetrates the skin providing a cooling & refreshing feeling

This is basically a refreshing watery gel that feels slightly cool when applied, and absorbs almost instantly leaving behind soft, moist skin. The gel is so transparent that you can even see my fingerprint through it (below).

I've been happily using it as a hand, foot and body cream. The fact it doesn't take long to absorb is great - there's no need to wait around for ages before I can use the keyboard/walk on the carpet/get dressed after a shower. I like it so much that despite my small mountain of stashed stuff, I've gone ahead and ordered another pot.

And I'm not the only one who loves this stuff! It was used by my younger sisters who, despite their initial "SNAAAAAAIL D:" protests, both reported extra soft skin for hours afterwards. Their feedback was, in one word, "refreshing!"

If you like Innisfree, I would also recommend checking out Secret Key - though the latter appears less popular and doesn't have as big a product range, from what I've seen they do have some unique products that are worth trying. Their prices won't break the bank, either.


I purchased this Secret Key Snail 97 Soothing Gel from BeautyNetKorea for under just under $12 (with free shipping), which is fantastic value for 300g.

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