Review - Innisfree Mineral Jelly Pact SPF36 PA++ #13 & #21

Since I have some time on my hands, I thought that I'd type up a quick review on Innisfree's Mineral Jelly Pact SPF36 PA++. I happen to have two shades - #13 Light Beige and #21 Natural Beige - reason being that I vaguely remember Missha's #21 was a tad too dark for me, figured all Korean foundation shades would be quite similar, and decided to try #13 first. If it worked, great; if it didn't, there's always next time.

Ingredients in Korean:

Unfortunately, it turns out that Innisfree's foundation shades appear to run slightly lighter than other Korean brands... #13 Light Beige is too pink toned for my skin. Since I liked the overall feel, consistency, and the pact's portability, I decided to try #21 Natural Beige too.

The Mineral Jelly Pact comes with a mirror plus an applicator puff with its own separator tray. I prefer this setup over ones where the applicator is hidden under the foundation - this way, I can slide the puff on my fingers while lifting up the tray in one motion, and it's good to go! Very convenient for regular touch ups.

#21 Natural Beige:

The consistency is wonderfully weird; in the compact, it feels a bit like hardened jelly (you can push it around/reshape it with the puff), but applies like a smooth, feathery powder on the skin. To apply, I find a pressing motion works better than swiping the puff, for a soft & even finish.

Coverage is rather sheer, so don't expect this to do anything for blemishes, but it's good for evening out the skin tone, reducing the appearance of redness and pores. I'd say that this is one step up from translucent powder in terms of coverage.

What I'm on the fence about is that it isn't waterproof at all. When left alone, it will happily stay put for 5+ hours, but it gets removed so easily with just water. Definitely not one for swimmers!

Swatches of #13 Light Beige and #21 Natural Beige below (it was difficult to capture these on camera because the shades were so sheer) 

For reference, I'm NC15 in MAC. #13 Light Beige was too pink toned on my skin, and makes me look washed out. #21 Natural Beige on the other hand, although not quite a perfect match, looks okay enough for me to keep using it. Basically, unless you have very fair skin with pink undertones, forget about #13.

I'll be keeping #13's applicator puff for rotation, but the pact itself will get thrown out since the shade doesn't work. At just over £10 after taking into account shipping, at least it wasn't an expensive mistake.

The Innisfree Mineral Jelly Pact retails at 22,000 KRW for 10g of product, but I got mine from TesterKorea when they had a 30% sale on Innisfree, for only 15,400KRW.

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  1. thanks for the review! this was extremely helpful for me :)