The Saem Saemmul Aura Liquid Highlighter #1 Pink Light & #2 Gold Light

Out of my recently received Korean products, The Saem Saemmul Aura Liquid Highlighter was one of the items I'd been most looking forward to. Finding a versatile highlighter is no easy feat; most highlighters are too sparkly for my taste.

The Saem is a natural Korean skincare & makeup brand that, like Innisfree, does not use parabens, mineral oil, artificial colours or animal ingredients in their products. I recently discovered The Saem after searching for alternatives to Innisfree, since I pretty much have everything that I want from them!

These Saemmul Aura Liquid Highlighter bottles caught my eye because they reminded me of Benefit's High/Moon Beam, which I used for a long time before making the switch to natural cosmetic brands.

The shades available are #1 Pink Light and #2 Gold Light

As the names suggest, Pink Light is a warm pearly pink, whereas Gold Light gives a subtle golden radiance, both of which are very pretty on their own. Other than applying these on the usual areas as a highlighter, you could also mix them into foundations/BB cream for an all over glow.

Swatches of Pink Light (left) and Gold Light (right)


The Saem Saemmul Aura Liquid Highlighter retails at 8,000 KRW each for 8g - excellent value for money if you can get it for this price or less!


  1. I remember seeing this brand when I was overseas and was put off by the prices! Seems like it was marked up a lot when it was exported out of Korea.

  2. Yep there's usually a huge markup on Korean products when sold outside of Korea! Definitely worth hauling online though, it's worth it even with shipping factored in.

  3. Yar, I have been getting my Korean fix online too.. But I haven't been hauling much makeup lately.. My funds are diverted to elsewhere. hahaha