Rilakkuma Fresh Lemon Series and Kamiotai Rilakkuma Store Opening Plushes

The Rilakkuma Fresh Lemon Series フレッシュレモンシリーズ was released back in March, but I've only just received the last plushes I'd been waiting for.

I didn't get the standard edition plushes as I didn't feel they would stand out in my collection. Normally, the standard plushes are cute (though not as well designed as the store limited edition ones), but these straw hat dungaree farmer bears were a bit too plain looking for me.

Standard Fresh Lemon plushes:

Fresh Lemon Series store limited edition plushes:

Fresh Lemon Series store limited edition keychain plushes:

I wish these were available in bigger sizes. Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma look so cute in their full lemon suits! Kiiroitori doesn't look bad with lemon pants either.

Rilakkuma Fuji Store Limited Edition Lemon Cake plush:

If I had to rank all of my Rilakkuma plushes, this one would certainly be in the top 5! Literally everything about it is adorable - the bear cake, the little forks, Rilakkuma's lemon cap, the gang's expressions and eagerness to eat.

I've placed this on a shelf above my desk so I can see it every time I look up ^_^

Rilakkuma Fresh Lemon Series storage basket plush:

Not sure what the official name of this is, but there's more to this adorable set than what meets the eye... If you turn it around, there's a storage area on the back (for small notepads, remotes, pens etc).

It's much bigger than I anticipated - below is a pic of it with my iPhone 6+ for reference. Haven't decided what I'm going to do with this one yet. Might take it out of its packaging to use as storage.

Rilakkuma Kamiotai store opening limited edition plushes:

These plushes were released to celebrate the opening the Kamiotai Rilakkuma store, and I think that's the only place they're available from. I don't usually go out of my way for store opening plushes, but these were so cute I couldn't pass them up.

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