Japonesque Medium Train Case Pink review!

I've always wanted a storage case for my most used makeup items which are otherwise (somewhat neatly) positioned on my dressing table, and after the disappointment that was the Sephora quilted pink train case (arrived damaged with several scuff marks & is on its way back to the USA), I decided to look for a replacement.

It was when I happened to be browsing BeautyBay's sale that I came across this Japonesque Medium Train Case Pink. With the train case already being discounted from £68 to £47.60, BeautyBay's 20% off on orders over £60 further discounted it to £38.08 - yay! I immediately added it to basket and proceeded to checkout (along with a few other items, of course).

Without further ado, here's my new train case!
Dimensions according to the official site - 12" x 7-1/4" x 6-1/2"

There are 4 trays for small items. I love that the inside of this train case is also pink, unlike most of the pink train cases I've seen that come with black trays.

Problem I have with these small trays is that they're only deep enough for one layer of makeup, thus not fully utilizing the storage space.

There is a large bottom compartment for bigger items such as spray bottles, skincare products, etc. I would have preferred a few dividers to separate it into sections rather than one large storage area, but it's no big deal.

The train case also comes with a pair of keys for the lock - although I'm unlikely to ever use these keys, they're nice to have regardless.

Side view

Bottom view - I'd have preferred rubber feet attachments so that the metal parts won't scratch my dressing table, but this also means that it won't leave little dents on the carpet.

However, there is IMO a minor design flaw, which is how the lock is positioned right underneath the handle (some train cases have locks on either side of the handle), so if the handle fell on to the side with the lock, it will get scuff marks.

Although this isn't a massive problem, it does irk me a little, and could have been avoided with more thought.

I probably wouldn't pay the RRP of £68 for this train case, but at £38.08, it's an absolute bargain and I'm extremely pleased with it! So pleased, that I'm actually in two minds whether to order a second one before the sale ends, so I'd have one for skincare and another for makeup products. But, I also have my eye on this pink train case by CerroQreen, which comes with a mirror and even has a removable panel for brush storage. Decisions, decisions... 

While I was shopping at BeautyBay, I also restocked on a few shampoos & conditioner, plus the following products:

Tammy Fender Spontaneous Recovery Creme - the Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Balm is currently my favourite moisturiser, so I decided to try another in this range.
Mario Badescu Silver Powder - it's a mask that is supposed to be really good at unclogging pores, especially prior to blackhead extraction.
Mario Badscu Drying Lotion - I had this several years ago, then lost it in the house move. It's very effective at drying up pimples overnight. I do wonder how I've managed to live without it for so long.
Yes To Carrots Lip Butter in Melon - freebie for spending over £50 at BeautyBay. Easily spread, moisturising and smells divine. Even though I have plenty of lip balms already, I like it enough to want to try out other flavours!

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