Innisfree Shadow Pencil - Review & Swatches

With the exception of the white one on the left, these Innisfree Shadow Pencils were purchased recently from TesterKorea, at a 30% discount, making each pencil only 5,250 KRW (excluding shipping). Although it's unlikely that I'll use all of these colours, I got one of each anyway since they were so cheap.

I don't know why they have different packaging - some are plain, others have blue dots. Could be that they were manufactured on different dates.

Official swatches - these are rather accurate for the most part

Although I like that these pencils are easy to use (no sharpener required!), the package disguises the fact that there's not a lot of product (2.5g). They could really be made much smaller to save space.

They're very smooth to apply, which is good for the delicate area, but their staying power is a little too good; between swatches, I had to rub vigoriously with baby wipes to remove them from my arm.

Shades #1, #2, and #3 are sheer, shimmery and better suited for highlighting or layering.

I actually noticed the Shadow Pencil being used in episode 8 of this Korean Beauty Drama 달콤청춘 that I've been watching. This entire series is pretty much an advert for Innisfree, as the protagonist uses exclusively Innisfree products, but is still fun to watch for the odd skincare/makeup tip.

From left to right (names according to TesterKorea's website) - #1 Snow on the Branches, #2 Pink Aurora, #3 Sandy Beach

Left to right - #5 Milk Tea, #6 Beige, #7 Brown City, #8 Ocean Blue, #10 Starlight Grey

I left out #4 (peach/pink) and #9 (white/purple) because, unlike the others, these are "dual type" pencils that consist of two colours. You have the option to apply the colours on their own, or blend them together. 

Interesting concept, though I'd have preferred the colours in separate pencils.

#4 Cherry Blossoms

#9 Lavender - at first glance, the white half looks like #1 Snow on the Branches, but when swatched, you can see the difference. #1 is pure white, whereas the white part of #9 has a slight pink tone to it.

I 100% recommend picking up these eyeshadow pencils for their convenience and versatility, provided that you're able to get them for a good price of course!

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