Koyudo Christmas 2014 Platinum Brush Set and Kumamon brush from Tenso

Admittedly, I'm someone who often finds it quicker to use fingers for foundation application (i.e. I'm lazy!). That said, I can appreciate good quality brushes when I see them. For example, I've had my SUQQU Face Brush for almost 6 years, but it looks as good, and applies powders as well as the day I bought it.

This just goes to show that it is certainly worth paying more for a good brush, because given the right care it will be your trusted sidekick for many years to come.

I've since expanded my collection to include Hakuhodo Chomotto and now, Koyudo. What initially attracted me to this limited edition Koyudo 204 Christmas Platinum brush set, was their pearly pink handles - makes a nice change from most brands' black handles. I also prefer short handled travel size brushes, since they take up less storage space and look much cuter.

Koyudo 2014 Christmas Platinum Brush Set

Koyudo Powder Brush
Hair: Grey squirrel
Length: 14.3cm
Hair length: 5cm

Koyudo Cheek Brush
Hair: Grey squirrel
Length: 13.5cm
Hair length: 4cm

Koyudo Eyeshadow Brush
Hair: Grey squirrel
Length: 11.8cm
Hair length: 1.4cm

Koyudo Eyebrow Brush
Hair: Water badger
Length: 10.6cm
Hair length: 0.6cm

Koyudo Lip Brush
Hair: Kolinsky
Length: 11.5cm
Hair length: 1cm

These grey squirrel brushes are so fluffy, densely packed, and exceptionally soft that I don't think I'll ever use anything other than squirrel hair for face powders. Like my SUQQU brush, they are very well made and I can foresee them lasting a very long time.

Sadly, I can't rave about the included brush roll. Other than looking a bit cheap, the narrow slots plus friction from the PVC back make inserting & removing the brushes difficult. But this is relatively minor and, overall, I'm extremely happy with this brush set.

I also picked up the Koyudo Kumamon brush because it was simply too adorable - how could anyone possibly resist a bear face? Made with goat hair, it's a great kabuki brush for powder foundation. Goodbye MAC #182!

The Kumamon brush comes a in a round pink tube, perfect for storage.

Presenting.... the Kumamon brush!!

Since my shipment consisted of products from two different stores, I decided to try Tenso's consolidation service. I also had a ¥3,000 international shipping discount coupon for spending more than ¥10,000 at a single Rakuten store - love Tenso x Rakuten campaigns!

By using the consolidation service, I saved ¥1,390 on shipping even with the extra handling fees. So if you have multiple packages, it's definitely worth considering having them consolidated. The only downsides are that you need to wait an extra business day for Tenso to do this, and once requested, it isn't possible to cancel the consolidation.

There's currently another Tenso x Rakuten shipping campaign for a ¥3,000 international shipping coupon, if you spend ¥10,000 or more at a single Rakuten store.

More information here!

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