24hコスメ 24h Cosme Taste Me Lip Gloss

I came across this Taste Me Lip Gloss in a Rakuten store that also stocked the Only Minerals UV foundation powder set I’d been looking for. 24h Cosme (24hコスメ) is apparently very popular in Japan, and their gloss’ packaging is like the Stila Lip Glaze, which I used to love for its convenience (though the Lip Glaze itself smelled like plastic, felt like glue), so I added it to cart.

Available in 4 shades - 01 Orange Smoothie, 02 Cherry Candy, 03 Mixed Berry Ice & 04 Passion Fruit, these glosses are made using only natural ingredients - so natural in fact, that you could actually eat it. No parabens, mineral oils, artificial colourings nor fragrances were used in their making! The hygienic click pen & brush also makes it a breeze to apply, especially on the go.

Despite its "Taste Me" name, there's no flavour or scent. That's definitely better than some artificial plasticky "fruit" fragrance!

The shade I picked was 02 Cherry Candy; I was hoping for a pretty cotton candy shade as shown in the official product photo, but unfortunately, the gloss comes out so sheer that my camera had trouble picking up the colour on my arm. This means that on my lips, it's as good as transparent - perfect if you're looking for a subtle sheen, useless otherwise.

Swatch below:

Thanks to the various natural oils & waxes, this lip gloss is feather light, hydrating and comfortable to wear.  The downside? As is the case with 99% of moisturising, lightweight lip glosses, is that their staying power is non existent. Sadly, this falls within that category; less than an hour later, it needs to be reapplied. But credit must be given where it's due - it does leave my lips feeling baby soft.

There's only 1.7g of product (less than a full sized Stila Lip Glaze), so for ¥2,484, it certainly isn't cheap. I can see myself using this up (very quickly!) but I most likely won't repurchase, because I feel that there are better value alternatives. I'll miss the handy click pen though... :(

Ingredients in English: Castor oil, vegetable oil, lanolin, candelilla wax, olive oil, grape seed oil, soya sterol, avocado oil, orange oil, (+ / -) mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide, carmine, tin oxide

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