Unboxing The Clarisonic Aria

Clarisonic needs no introduction – unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ll have heard of these nifty sonic skin cleansing devices.

The latest offering, the Clarisonic Aria, comes equipped with three speeds and can be charged via a USB port – as I already own two Clarisonic models (the original Plus and Mia 2), for me, USB charging was its main selling point.

The Clarisonic Aria retails at £155, however, I’d managed to catch their promotion where the purchase of any cleansing system comes with a bonus pack worth £84. I had yet to come across a better deal, so I snapped it up!

There were 3 colours available – black, white, glossy pink.

Naturally, I went for glossy pink ❤

The bonus set includes:
Gentle Hydro Cleanser 177ml (full size), RRP £21
Refining Skin Polish 177ml (full size), RRP £21
Delicate Brush Head, RRP £21
Normal Brush Head, RRP £21
Unfortunately one of the brush protectors had fallen off during transit, resulting in deformed bristles (brush on the right). I have contacted Clarisonic about this, hopefully they'll be able to arrange a replacement brush.

Unboxing the main unit...

What's in the box:
Pink Clarisonic Aria
Sensitive brush head
USB enabled universal pLink charger
Wall adapter (staying in the wrapper as it won't be used)
Drying/charging stand
Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser 30ml

The Aria's USB charging feature is long overdue; I have plenty of free USB sockets in my room, but no spare wall sockets (even the 6 socket extension is fully occupied). This means that whenever I want to charge one of my Clarisonics, I'd need to first unplug another device, plug in the Clarisonic, unplug it once fully charged, and plug the original device back in.

With the Aria, I can simply plug its charger into a USB port and leave the stand on my desk.

My Clarisonic collection:

I've had the Plus for about 4 years and the Mia 2 for over a year; both work just as well as the day they arrived. Granted, I have looked after them, but this should tell you something about their quality!

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