Rilakkuma & Naturaglace from FromJapan!

I'm really not a morning person; almost always grumpy when woken up too early. However, I didn't mind one bit when Parcelforce brought my eagerly awaited FromJapan package at some time past 8am this morning. - a Japanese proxy shopping service
I honestly love these guys, having used them for two years to purchase items from mainly Rakuten and Amazon JP, as well as other Japanese websites. My emails have always been answered promptly with professional curtsey, and packages were always sent out the next (working) day once they've arrived at the FJ HQ.

Their fees are the cheapest I've found too - shipping to you is at cost (though you get 3%, 5% or 10% discount on EMS based on your membership rank), and the handling fee is only 200 Yen (≈£1.30) per item up to a maximum of 800 Yen (≈£5.30) per individual store. If you don't like/want to use EMS, you can choose other shipping methods such as Fedex, SAL, Air Mail etc.

If you make payments by card, there's also a 5% "system usage fee" which is to cover costs charged by card companies. Still, compared with other Japanese purchasing services who charge 10%-15% of the order value, often with a minimum service charge, this is by far the most cost effective way to purchase Japanese items.

Read on to find out what came from the other side of the world...

Group photo!

Rilakkuma stickers and deco pens - some of the ones I wanted were sold out 

Rilakkuma & Korilakkum Happy Picnic plush storage baskets - a bit too tall for pens, but it can also be used to store for makeup brushes and skincare products.

Miscellaneous Rilakkuma goods - Rilakkuma soap dispenser, spoons, key covers, mini salad forks, and a Korilakkuma 3DS stylus.

I'd been searching for a cute pen sized 3DS stylus for my 3DS XL to no avail, until I stumbled upon this Korilakkuma stylus, and it is perfect! 

Rilakkuma bags & pouches - Rilakkuma plush pen case/makeup pouch, small Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma keyring pouches, mini Korilakkuma backpack.

The Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma plushes are actually bags too! Mine won't be carried though =P they'll just be on display in the house.

The mini Korilakkuma backpack makes a great temporary storage case for my Samsung NX1000 - replacement for my old Sony T90P. You know it's time to upgrade when your phone takes better photos than your dedicated camera 

After months of deliberation between pink Samsung NX1000 and pink Sony NEX-3N, I went for the former partly because I love the shade of baby pink, the fact it comes with a matching lens, and for warranty purposes I didn't want to import the pink Sony.

Even on smart shoot mode, photos taken by the NX1000 (Rilakkuma pictures in this post) are so much better. I still need to play around with settings since this is my first non point & shoot. I guess I could go read the manual, but I haven't even installed it, and besides, figuring it out on my own would be much more entertaining - assuming I don't break the camera in the process!

A little snug, but it does fit! 

Rilakkuma in a bunny costume and Rilakkuma with strawberry on his head, in a cupcake - you can even remove him and place pens etc in the cupcake instead.

And Korilakkuma mirror - so so kawaii

Last but not least, Naturaglace makeup items - I have another FJ order on the way containing a couple more, so will wait for those before I write a full post about them

Naturaglace Foundation Creme Rich SPF46 PA++
Naturaglace Honey Rouge
Naturaglace UV Base Milk SPF43 PA++

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  1. Hey, just wondering if you can post a link to the 3ds stylus, please? :)