Japanese beauty magazine 美的 Biteki September 2013

***Pic heavy post!***

Having tried various different Japanese magazines, I can say with certainty that Biteki is my absolute favourite. I like it so much that I took out a 12 month subscription via JP-Books.

I love Biteki because not only is it heavily beauty oriented, it also focuses on general well being, is edited beautifully and I always learn something new from every issue. Although I don't fully understand everything, I like to think that by buying this magazine, I'm doing my bit to support the Japanese magazine industry winking

Out of my monthly magazines, the only ones I keep for future reference are Japanese (Biteki, Maquia, Sweet, Ageha, Bea's UP); the rest go straight into the bin as soon as I'm done.

The Biteki September 2013 issue features a 56 page booklet (released biannually, I believe) containing upcoming Autumn/Winter makeup collections, as well as a best selling Little Witch Mote Mascara which has apparently sold over 2 million units in Japan!

I love the makeup looks in Biteki - always clean, refined and very elegant.

There are even facial and posture improving exercises!

Healthy recipes (must try making some of these)

The Autumn/Winter 2013 makeup collections booklet with freebie Little Witch Mote Mascara 

The booklet features Autumn/Winter makeup collections from both Western and Japanese brands.

Since Chanel uses parabens, the only product of theirs I use is their nail colours which, surprisingly, is 5 free - no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), camphor and toluene. But I won't be purchasing any of their Autumn 2013 polishes, as I'm not a fan of dark coloured nailes, and I probably already have something very similar to 589 (the only one I like) in my polish stash.

Love the look of the Lunasol & Kanebo CHICCA collections. Would quite like to try CHICCA if they don't contain parabens.

SUQQU used to be one of the brands I was literally obsessed about, but sadly I stopped visiting their counter when I decided to use natural/organic products, or at least, products without parabens. Love the look of that Hanaazuki palette sad

Jill Stuart always releases ridiculously pretty colours as well as packaging!

The smaller collections are featured towards the back of the booklet, including Mary Quant, Za, Canmake, Chifure, Naturaglace and Cezanne, many of which I've never even heard of.

Slightly disappointed that one of my favourite natural Japanese makeup brand Naturaglace only has one palette (that I'm not interested in) this season.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! happy

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