Another package from Japan!

I was literally halfway through a different blog post, when the Parcelforce delivery guy knocked on my door with a package from FromJapan! So I'll save the post I was in the middle of writing for another day.

I'd briefly introduced FromJapan in a previous post, and wrote about how I always go through them for Japanese goodies. No Rilakkuma this time though; I decided to get a few more makeup items from Naturaglace, as well as try out the popular Japanse mineral makeup brand Only Minerals (オンリーミネラル).

- Only Minerals Aqua Lift UV Mineral Sun Protect SPF 50+ PA+++
- Only Minerals Mineral Blush in Sakura
- Only Minerals Foundation SPF 17 PA++ in 05 (guessed my shade)
- Naturaglace Eyeliner Creme Chocolat BK1
- Naturaglace Rakuten Exclusive Summer Shine Gold Set (includes Naturaglace Highlight Sorbet PK1 and Eye Color Jelly GD)
- Plus some samples from Chomotto Beaute

Will play with these over the next few days/weeks, and report back at some point!

I also grabbed the limited edition base makeup brush set from Chomotto BEAUTE - these brushes are a collaboration between Chomotto Beaute and the (super high quality) Japanese brush brand Hakuhodo.

I've wanted some Chomotto brushes for a while, but the sets released prior to this always had at least one brush that I didn't like.

Hakuhodo is widely regarded by many as the best brushes you can get - apparently even better quality than SUQQU's - I'm very interested in as to whether their collaboration brushes live up to the hype!

This set includes a foundation brush, concealer brush and an angled face brush - I will have uses for all of them. Also included is a metallic pink storage pouch.

I love how the brushes all have hot pink handles ❤ 

I'm not much of a brush person in that I don't collect brushes and very rarely buy brush sets if they contain any brushes I don't need, but I'm really looking forward to finally trying these out!


  1. Have you tired the brushes yet?? The price is really a killer! Don't think I'll ever splurge that much on brushes..

    Will you be doing a detailed post on the natural glacé items? The packaging is cute!

  2. I haven't used all of them yet, but I love them all, so silky soft!

    Yep will do! That'll be a long(ish) post...

  3. Yay!! I can't wait for your review~!!