Review of Kanebo Allie SPF 50+ PA+++ UV Moisture Gel

Pretty much everyone who knows me are aware of that fact I really don't like the sun!  If constantly hiding away from sunlight isn't a big enough give away, 5+ bottles of sunblock on my dressing table alone should be a pretty big hint.

I'm very picky when it comes to sun creams, however, I've clearly been very impressed by Kanebo Allie SPF 50+ PA+++ UV Moisture Gel, because I'm already on my third tube =p

This UV Moisture Gel is normally available in 25g and 60g tubes, but, in 2013, Kanebo increased the amount of product in the larger size by 50%, so you're getting 90g for the same price. Even better value for money!

It offers SPF 50 and broad spectrum protection against both UVA & UBV rays.

The texture is featherweight like a light creamy gel, absorbs pretty much instantly, and sits well under foundation. Zero white cast, zero stickiness. Unlike some sun creams I've tried in the past, using this around my eye area does not irritate my eyes at all. Plus in Japan, it was even voted the number 1 sun cream of 2012!

Best part is that it contains no parabens, mineral oils or fragrances - perfect for sensitive skin. Seriously, you need this!

It retails for ¥‎2800, and is available from


  1. Okies! This item is added on to my "Japan To Get" list!!

    Currently, I am loving the Naruko Narcissus Defense BB Sunscreen SPF 50! Have you tried it before?

  2. I actually have that BB cream :P But I like using a separate sun protection even under BB creams

  3. I use it as a sunblock instead of a BB cream as this doesn't give much coverage..