More Rilakkuma from the other side of the world!

A package full of my favourite bears never fails to cheer me up, and today's arrival is no exception! Again, these were purchased through FromJapan, which is my favourite website to get hold of anything Japanese.

Group photo:

Rilakkuma toothbrush holder - as I don't have a toothbrush to hand, I'll have to demonstrate with a pen instead.

Somewhat functional, these Rilakkuma ears hair clips were simply too adorable to pass up. So I got a set of each!

Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma scissors - much more compact, easy to store, and don't look like traditional scissors. Perfect for cutting paper & tape.

Mini notepads on a keyring and a glue stick - these small portable pads make great tools for learning a new language or revision, as you can write vocabulary/revision notes on either side and flick through them wherever.

His n hers mugs - one for me, one for the OH! Korilakkuma is mine, of course winking
With Rilakkuma forks and comb, which you can just see poking out of the Rilakkuma mug.

Rilakkuma Egg Series stamp set - comes with a pink and red stamp pad. I've already tried out a few stamps in my organiser!

Rilakkuma Sweets Collection plush, Rilakkuma mini backpack on a keyring and Korilakkuma soap dispenser to go with their counterparts (mentioned in earlier posts).

Scented Rilakkuma pens - admittedly, not all of them smell nice (IMO) but at least they look cute with the bear head caps.

From left to right, the scents are: mixed fruit (very odd scent), lemon soda (doesn't smell of much), melon (not quite what I had in mind but still nice), lime (smells like ink?!), lemon (somewhat medicinal), banana (not a huge fan), grape (love this one!), strawberry (very very faint), peach (mmm... sweet) and rose (I like this too).

Last but not least, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to add a couple of Naturaglace items to my collection!

This is Rakuten's exclusive Naturaglace Skin Set containing a Naturaglace Foundation Torte SPF20 PA++ (powder foundation) in OC1 and Naturaglace Make Up Cream SPF30 PA++, plus an Eyebrow Chocolat in BR1.

Unfortunately, it was only purchasable between 1st and 4th September.

Once I've tried this Naturaglace powder foundation, I can do a review comparing their different foundation types.


  1. Wow!!!! What a huge Rilakkuma haul!!
    I want the toothbrush holder too!!!