Arrival of CandyDoll!

I've always wanted to try CandyDoll's Face Powder but never got around to adding it to my stash. Recently I read about their new base makeup range and, with the help of google translate on the official CandyDoll site, I decided to purchase a few products that do not contain parabens - I look out for パラベン in the ingredients list :P

I bought these through FromJapan which is a Japan shopping/auction service. My order was shipped out on the 15th and arrived today (20 minutes ago to be precise) as I chose EMS.

CandyDoll Makeup Base SPF30 in 01
CandyDoll Concealer in 01
CandyDoll Lip Gloss in Macaroon Pink
CandyDoll Mineral Face Powder
CandyDoll Liquid Foundation in 01
CandyDoll Powder Foundation in 01

Looking forward to trying these soon! :D


  1. Hey there, I have been looking for a review on the candydoll base products for so long now. Nobody has gotten their hands on them yet. Since you were lucky to get some could you please do a review soon? I've been dyingggg to hear about it!

  2. Hi Lacey! I've been using the base products for the past few days, hope to do a review either today or tomorrow =)