Ekilove blue ♥ + key necklace

I've always been a fan of ekiLove - Eki's accessories are always kawaii, well made and she always includes lots of nice little extras!

Knew I was in for a treat when I received a package with the ekiLove heart stamp on it ^^

Eki always wraps orders up like gifts! I love the little pink parcels she packs orders in that it almost makes me not want to open them.

Eki included lots of nice little extras again - nail stickers, sweets (long gone), cute blue velcro hair bow very handy for keeping hair out of my face, Crystal Collagen Eye Mask (only just realized it's upside down in the photo >_<), a sweet handwritten note and my purchase in a pink gift box. Thank you eki you're always so generous!

The little drawstring bag adds a very cute touch.

I'd seen this blue crystal heart + key necklace in eki's store before, but didn't manage to get my hands on one before it sold out. Fortunately eki restocked some accessories including this necklace, so I made sure I got one. 

Love everything about it... the shiny blue crystal heart, silver key and the pearl inside the key. Looks super kawaii and since I've been wearing a lot of blue tops recently, this will go nicely with pretty much everything :D

Once again I'm 100% happy with my purchase from eki and will always keep an eye on her store for new creations!

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  1. Hi sweetie!<3

    so happy to hear you got the items safely!!<3 XD so happy you love the necklace and I appreciate you taking your time to leave me a testimonial as always<3 I am so lucky to have such a sweet person as my handmade customer<3 thank you so much as always its a pleasure<3 ^__^

    take care Hun!