Adorable puppy earrings by Michelle Chang Jewellery

I'm really excited to write this review because this is one of those times when what I receive in real life is so so much better than pictures.

I saw a pair of THE most adorable puppy earrings by Michelle Chang, who sells handmade sterling silver & gold jewellery on Etsy, however gold doesn't really suit me so I messaged Michelle to ask if the earrings were available in silver and with diamond eyes and to my delight, they were!

So I decided to purchase one single puppy earring because I only have one ear piercing (actually I did have both ears pierced but during the healing phase I pulled my left earring out my sleep, and it refused to go back in afterward >_< & I had to give up) but a few days later I messaged Michelle again as I'll have my left ear repierced soon and didn't want the puppy to get lonely hehe.

Luckily my order hadn't yet been sent out, and I ended up with a pair of silver puppy earrings which arrived this morning! (Took about a week to arrive from the US to me)

Awww... way cuter than I'd imagined. I love stud earrings and these are simply perfect! Sterling silver puppies with sparkly diamond eyes.


Closeup of the puppies. I ♥ them!

I cannot recommend Michelle's beautiful, well made jewellery enough! She responds to questions very quickly and is a pleasure to communicate with, I absolutely would return to her Etsy store :D

Check out Michelle's Etsy shop for more cute designs!

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