Review - Kuan Yuan Lian masks

Whenever I'm away I somehow find myself doing even more internet shopping than usual. Nothing really beats coming home to a pile of post and the excitement of opening them all, lol. Anyway, I stumbled upon a rather impressive looking website which boasts a wide range of beauty brands including Japanese, American and a few I'd never heard of.

I browsed through the sheet mask section and found myself staring at some seriously low priced sheet masks ($6.20 at the time for a box of 10) by Taiwanese brand Kuan Yuan Lian. Since I'm usually of the "you get what you pay for" mentality, I was intrigued by the raving reviews these masks received and decided to order some.

In my cart went boxes of:
- Natural Care Moisture Mask (extra moisture for my skin is always welcome during the cold weather)
- Natural Care Whitening Mask (supposed to brighten/even out skin tone)
- Natural Care Firming Mask (only picked this because the Sponge Cucumber I wanted was out of stock)

The masks are preservative free and contain only natural ingredients.

Boxes of masks with 10 sheets each. There's around 25ml of essence in each sachet.

Natural Care Moisture Mask
Out of the three I purchased this is definitely the most moisturizing. My face was left feeling a lot softer and smoother. I don't really need to follow with a moisturizer after using this mask but I like to do so anyway. A great mask to use on dry skin days.

Natural Care Whitening Mask
Not really "whitening" as such, but it brightened my complexion and I really noticed a difference; my pores also looked a bit smaller. Doesn't feel as rich as the Natural Care. This is probably my favourite.

Natural Care Firming Mask
As far as firming goes I can't tell the difference (I don't think I need firming products yet anyway), but at $0.62 per mask it's very good value. However I don't think I'll purchase this mask again.

1. Cleanse the face
2. Remove mask from its pack and spread it out evenly. The sheets are soaked full of essence and very generously sized.
3. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes (I usually leave it on for around 30), then gently massage the essence into the skin until fully absorbed. There's usually so much leftover that I rub it into my neck, hands, arms and anywhere else I can think of at the time.
4. Use 1-3 times per week or as needed

I love how reasonably priced these masks are; their price now has increased to $9.60 per box but still excellent value for money. The only downside is shipping from to the UK is a flat rate of $18 unless you spend $100+ so for smaller orders it obviously adds quite a bit onto the price of each individual item. Having said that I won't hesitate to buy the Whitening & Moisture masks again once I've run out.


  1. Oh face masks, these ones sure look like a good garbain!

    That reminds me I still got mine from Gmarket, unless someone stole them...Don't think they're all natural though.

    I may buy some of these when I feel like it.

    That whitening mask isn't made for me obviously and I don't need that firming one (neither do you btw >.<)

    Probably going for that moisturizing mask... or the one you could get your hands on :P

  2. I agree that nothing beats coming home with a pile of parcels!

    I really look forawrd to the days when my parcels arrive!! ^^

  3. Siany its your moonbeamer,Just stoppin bye to say HI and tell u how kool ur blog space is.Its my new chillin spot now, hope u dont mind :P