banila co eyeshadow palette swatches - Gossip Girl, S Night Standing & Deep The Night

I did plan to do this banila co review of their eyeshadow palettes last week, but somehow ended up being busy. I'm putting them all together for now, but if it looks like too much to digest I'll split it into 3 posts. Anyway, here are my thoughts!

Palette stacking!

Gossip Girl Multi Palette S01
I think this was released around spring this year and consists of a blusher, 3 eyeshadows and a soft brush. The 3 eye colours can be used to create a soft girly look.

Texture is silky with decent (and buildable) pigment, and the shadows all have a pearly finish. Although they don't crease thoughout the day, I do find that the colour fades a bit.

The blush is a soft pink which blends very nicely. It's a tiny bit on the light side (would be better if it was slightly warmer) for me as it's medium pigmented, but it still works.

Purchased from Gmarket for 22,000KRW (around $19 currently), but a few days later it went on sale at half price. Typical! jelir

S Night Standing Palette Shadow S03
One of banila co's summer releases - I have no idea what "S night standing" is supposed to mean though...

Contains 6 eyeshadows in a pretty star decorated metal case with a dual ended sponge applicator (nothing spectacular there). Out of the 3 palettes this is probably my favourite case - as much as I love pink, I'm just not a huge fan of those random bubbles on the Gossip Girl palette.

All eyeshadows have a bit of shimmer but not glittery. You can create different looks using different colour combinations, which is always versatile. Some of the colours are more pigmented - such as the gorgeous metallic bronze on the left and some lean towards the sheer side, but all are smooth and blend easily.

Deep The Night Multi Eye Kit F05
The most recent banila co eyeshadow palette; has 5 eyeshadows and a cream liner. The box is very pretty but the case is just a deep purple with sparkles (like the background in the pic below).

There's a dual ended applicator with sponge for shadow application & smudging, and an eyeliner brush. This is obviously more of night time palette, but could be used during the day too since some shadows are quite sheer despite appearing pigmented in the palette. I really like this palette in particular, as all the colours go so well together.

None of the eyeshadows are matte and they all have either a metallic sheen or some shimmer - I actually prefer this, but I guess not everyone does. The cream eyeliner (far right) has some shimmer too, but it's only noticeable if you look really closely.

I think at 22,000KRW each, these palettes are excellent value for money and totally worth picking up if you don't already own similar colours. The quality is definitely there as the shadows are silky, blendable, smooth and don't crease too much, but I have noticed some colour fading both with and without primer.

Note: due to the closeup angles the photos were taken, the palettes may seem bigger than they actually are. They measure approximately 9cm x 5.5cm x 1cm.

I purchased all palettes from the same Gmarket seller 바닐라코 (official banila co distributor I believe).


  1. Wow, you bought 3 palettes all at one go?!!

    I think among the 3 palettes, I like the colour combinations for Deep The Night Multi Eye Kit F05 most! I like purple shadows, but I don't really dare to try them... hehe~

    And congrats on winning top blogger again!

  2. Deep The Night palette looks really pretty :) Nice purple colors!

  3. raspy:
    Hehe nah I bought the first 2 palettes in one order, then Deep The Night was a recent purchase as it's the latest palette.

    Grats to you as well - saw your blog on there too! :P

    I like the colours as well, plus the liner is rather handy ^^