Review of SUQQU Face Brush

Once in a while I think we all come across something we simply have to have, and for me it's none other than the mega awesome Face Brush by SUQQU.

Quick background story of how I came across it. I discovered SUQQU on my most recent London trip where I had a makeover by one of the (loveliest) MAs. Various brushes were used on me but the one that particularly stood out was when foundation and powder were applied to my skin. It was honestly the softest brush I'd ever felt on my face that it didn't even feel like a brush. I commented on how nice it was, and noticed how it made application even & utterly flawless. As she proceeded to work the products into my skin, I decided there and then that I would not leave without that brush!

Looking at the entirely shiny black body the Face Brush doesn't look that special, but (this is a huge but) it has the softest, most luxurious and exquisite hairs imaginable. I'm not sure what hairs they are (squirrel maybe?) but they are so damn fine and of such superior quality that I actually look forward to using the brush every single time.

Trying to describe how soft the hairs are will not do this brush any justice; I think being wrapped & caressed in warm fluffy clouds would be the most appropriate. The hairs are so soft and light it literally feels like gentle air on my face. The MA didn't even have to sell it to me; it completely sold itself.

The quality of the whole brush is exceptional with very densely packed hairs which pick up the perfect amount of product. There's been no shedding whatsoever (unlike MAC & other brushes I own), and after each wash the brush retains its shape beautifully, but I always look after my brushes anyway.

At £160 it could be considered bit of a ridiculous purchase, but in my opinion a 100% worthy investment because it's provided me with the most enjoyable foundation & powder applications since. This isn't just any face brush; it is the face brush.

I'll be booking a makeover (maybe go for a gankin massage too hehe) at SUQQU for around end of November, which is conveniently about a week after my birthday so I'll definitely be treating myself to some goodies! And yes, I'll be posting about it!


  1. oohhh!! i want one!! hahaha, too bad there's no suqqu here in australia... =(
    so you can use this for liquid foundation as well?

  2. eeek! £160!! but i do argee that good brushes are worthy investments as they can last for years & years. :)

    any makeover pictures to share?

  3. The brush is too soft and bushy for liquid foundations - a flat, curved type brush (like MAC 192) is better for liquid/creme foundations. But it's perfect for powders.

    SUQQU Powder Foundation Glow is the only one I use now :P

    I don't have any makeover pics as it was at the beginning of the month when I had it, and didn't take any pics. Cameras aren't my favourite things in the world, but maybe I'll post a pic of my next makeover (maybe!) hehe.

  4. ^-^ I'm plotting to buy some stuffs again over the weekend!

    Just want to chck with you, did you have any negative reactions to the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream?

  5. None at all ^^ I've been using it almost daily and never had any reactions.

  6. This brush is designed for applying powder textures (loose powder, pressed powder, powder foundation), right?

  7. It's absolutely divine for loose/pressed powders, but with really densely packed powders I need to swirl it a few more times since the brush hairs are so soft.