Etude House Glow Base Sun Guard SPF36 PA++

I hate the summer. While most people sit under the sun basking in its rays I prefer to seek shade and cover myself with a high SPF - I'm always on the lookout for decent, non sticky sun protection so when I came across this Glow Base Sun Guard on Gmarket from one of my favourite sellers, I had to have one!

Etude House makes several other Sun Guard products; these include Aqua Drop, Aqua Proof, White Aqua and Super Aqua with different levels of SPF. I chose this because it was the only one in a pink tube jelir and the SPF 36 will be enough for most days.

Etude House says:
Supplies attractive pearl glitter expression for moist and sparkling skin expression. Specially formulated to soothe, nourish and lighten skin while suppling sun protection.

I say:
This baby pink lotion brightens and provides a pretty dewy glow to my skin, is very easy to spread, doesn't give a sticky or heavy feeling and has a lovely refreshing scent. Does make me resemble a mirror when first applied but the extra shine disappears very quickly (I have combination skin so probably shouldn't have used so much on my t-zone, lol) and I'm left looking fresh.

I like to use this under BB creams too, and it gives a boost to my complexion making it look super healthy. I only use it on my face and neck since I have a bigger bottle of SPF for body areas.

The PA++ part is a rough measure of how effective it is at protecting against UVA rays (cause the most amount of skin damage). There are 3 grades - PA+, PA++ and PA+++.

For the past few days I've been using only this on top of my moisturizer, with a bit of finishing powder on my t-zone to get rid of any excess shine. It hasn't caused any breakouts so far and doesn't leave a white cast. I have now ordered some other versions of Sun Guard from Gmarket, as well as 2 more tubes of this stuff for backup jelir

The Korean retail price of Glow Base is 7,500KRW (currently around $6) for 50ml.

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