banila co Eye Love Eye Primer

banila co offers two editions of Eye Love Eye Primer duos; these are 01 Purity (lemon/skin beige) and 02 Temptation (white/pink). Typical of me I went for the pretty white/pink combo - figured I could maybe use the pink as a highlighter too.

I love most of banila co packaging and this primer duo is no exception. It is very compact (7cm x 5cm x 1cm) and comes with a convenient mirror, however the shiny metallic case is a magnet for fingerprints (grr!).

It's split into 2 compartments with 4.7g and 4g of white & pink respectively. The white part is the actual primer whereas the pink is used to brighten the eye area as well as highlight - it reminds me of Benefit Eye Bright, which I also happen to have and will compare with.

The primer itself is totally clear so I won't post a swatch; it's a little hard in the pan at first but once warmed up (I rubbed it a few times) it spreads like a dream, and provided a velvety smooth base to make eyeshadow application considerably easier. This primer intensifies eyeshadows, makes colours go on more evenly and easier to blend - I use it straight after my eye cream and I find it mattifies my eyelids somewhat. I haven't experienced any creasing or colour fading throughout the day either. Great stuff!

Eye Love Eye Primer (pink) vs Eye Bright
The pink part of the Eye Primer looks almost identical to Benefit Eye Bright; both make a versatile eye brightener/highlighter but the Benefit pencil is a lot more difficult to spread and has chalky/dry texture whereas banila co's is creamy and requires very little effort to spread.

When I draw a line or dab with Eye Bright, unless I rub vigorously I can always see a faint trace of it. With Eye Primer I just need to gently pat on the pink brightener until it blends in perfectly to make me look more awake.
Obviously I prefer banila co because I don't need to tug at the skin around my eyes as much.

They both look almost identical when on but I think the quality of Eye Primer is superior. It was difficult to swatch them since they don't really show up.

Benefit left, banila co right

Eye Primer duo retails at 15,000KRW ($12/£7) for a total of 8.7g.
Eye Bright retails for $20 in the US, £13.50 in the UK and you only get 1.7g. The pencil needs to be sharpened too, which causes product wastage, plus you need to carry a separate mirror unlike Eye Primer where there's already one built in.

I don't see any reason to use my Benefit pencil from now when the banila co stuff is miles better in every single way.


  1. Thanks for the review!

    Made me tempted to buy the primer too!

  2. You're welcome :D I enjoyed reviewing it too!