Victoria's Secret Pink Lip Butter - organic lip treatment

Most of the stuff in my lingerie drawers come from Victoria's Secret, along with a good part of my wardrobe (what I'm wearing today all comes from VS, lol); I pretty much stopped buying clothes from UK stores about a year ago, because to be honest I just don't like what's sold here. I especially love Pink, VS' sub brand as they just do the cutest panties and the comfiest loungewear - if I had to pick just one thing to wear it would be a Pink hoodie hands down.

It was inevitable, really, that I was to discover their range of beauty products and me being me, my eyes darted straight to the Lip Butter with natural & organic ingredients. They also have a Tinted Lip Balm (I believe this one has been around for a lot lonter) but I passed on that.

Anyway my Lip Butter arrived this morning with Victoria's Secret Naturally Acai Berry & Magnolia Illuminating Body Polish, which I'll review when the other 2 items in the range arrive. My first impression on the Lip Butter was that at 0.26oz or 7.5g it is a bit bigger than a regular sized lip balm.
Size comparision between the VS Pink Lip Butter and 2 of my lip balms

The shade I got is Fresh; according to the VS site it's pink, but to me it it's more of a nude pink.
The colour here looks slightly brighter than it is in real life

It retails for $8, or 3 for $15 including any of the Pink body products, but I got mine for $3.99 in the special offers section - only Bare (nude) and Fresh (pink) were on special. So not an expensive mistake if it did turn out to be one.

I like how the twisty part of this balm is near the cap and not at the bottom; at first glace it may seem a bit odd unusual but is actually quite convenient because you can easily twist and apply the product using just one hand.

The Lip Butter looks more pigmented than it really is, and when I tried to pack as much onto my arm as I could for the swatch, it was just not really happening and the result was a sheer wash of colour. It's totally personal preference here but I prefer my lip balms/treatment products to be either clear or sheer, and I dislike pigmented lipstick/balm hybrids in general. It lasts between 1-1.5 hours if I don't eat anything, but my lips still feel soft after it has faded.

Swatch on my arm - it was hard work achieving this! Note: if the same amount was applied to lips it would look uneven

Application wise I just love how this balm effortlessly glides on, leaving just enough product to make my lips look healthy and enhances their natural colour, but I do wish it was more pink. It doesn't taste of anything which I like and although I can't quite figure out what it smells like (faint hazelnut maybe?) the scent is very pleasant and not obtrusive; I can't smell it at all when it's on my lips anyway.

Like the rest of the range it is made with natural & organic ingredients including coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba to name but a few. Now that I'm paying more attention to what goes into the products I use, this is a very welcome addition.

Ingredient list

I really wish I'd bought more of this super lip softening tinted Lip Butter. It's not too hard that I'm scraping my lips, nor too soft that it melts to mush when the temperature increases (as nice as my Beautiful Twists Lip Conditioners are they tend to crumble when they get too warm.)

In my next VS order I plan to add Ripe (berry) and Pure (clear) to my collection :D

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