Review - Cinnamoroll pouch from Etsy seller SiamSquare

One of the pouches I ordered from Etsy from seller SiamSquare landed on my doorstep this morning.

It's a custom made padded & quilted cinnamoroll pouch with white polka dots on pink lining. Masko, the lovely lady who is behind the store, went out of her way to find me a cute pink lining for this pouch, and I really appreciate her efforts and great customer service!

The pouch is very sturdy, beautifully made, and if you squash it, it bounces back to its original shape - genius! Needless to say I just adore the fabric combination; I'm a big fan of bright, kawaii fabrics, preferably with pink somewhere. The more pink = better for me obviously :p

I have another pouch (pink) from Masko on its way, will post pics when it arrives!