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As a lip balm junkie, it would be a crime if I didn't purchase some of Ella Dean's natural Beautiful Twists Lip Conditioners. I've always had a strong preference of natural/organic lip balms over ones packed with artificial ingredients, because inevitably I consume lip products when I eat & drink and while it isn't harmful, I just don't like the idea of swallowing excessive amounts of preservatives or petroleum, so when possible I tend to choose natural lip products.

Ella's handmade lip balms are (according to her store) "99% natural and vegan friendly". Made with various good for you oils, butters & moisturizing ingredients, her balms are available in a huge variety of colours and flavours.
Left to right: Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream, Cat Lovers, Tooth Fairy, Gal Scout Kisses. Each contains 0.15oz / 4.25g

Tooth Fairy - Mint with fruity strawberry. This is one of my 2 favourites and smells just like strawberry mint toothpaste but not as overpowering as the real thing. I like the smell so much I'm already eyeing up its room spray counterpart. A minty strawberry room? Count me in!

Cat Lovers - While I not a fan of cats, fresh cream did appeal to me and there was just something about the tube that made me add it to cart. I'm glad I did, because the smell is so delicious and reminds me of something I can't quite put my finger on, and I'll keep sniffing it until I remember. It smells sweeter than cream but not quite vanilla. I really can't decide what I like more between this and Tooth Fairy, if I had to pick one favourite I think it would depend on what mood I'm in :p

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream - I can't really smell the vanilla in this, but at the same time it's not as strong as the pure cherry lip balms I've tried in the past so I'm guessing the vanilla has toned it down somewhat. This is the only tinted balm of the lot and gives lips a healthy red glow - it doesn't come out as scary looking as it does in the tube, but the downside is I have to apply it with a mirror. If I don't apply it with a mirror I end up looking like an incomplete clown. It also isn't as glossy and doesn't feel as lightweight as the other ones. Overall I'm not keen on this.

Gal Scout Kisses - I sent Ella a message asking if she could create a custom flavour mix, vanilla grapefruit, and the sweet lady sent this to me as my extra goodie with my order! I had wanted a smell similar to one of my favourite perfumes, Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit, which is vanilla with a hint of grapefruit. This lip conditioner is more grapefruit with a hint of vanilla - wasn't quite what I was expecting, but smells lovely nonetheless.

All in all I do like these Lip Conditioners; although not as thick or creamy as some of my overnight lip treatments, they keep my lips soft and smooth throughout the day, and are probably the most lightweight lip products I've ever used - I don't even notice that I have these on other than the wonderful smells they give my lips. The downside is that they wear off very quickly, but I don't mind reapplying often because I like to sniff the balms whenever I take them out lol.

Another issue I have with the balms is that because they are so soft, they need to be pushed back into their tubes as they won't go back down and they do have a lower melting point due to their natural ingredient goodness, but neither is a huge problem. I would think that this is more of a plus during winter when most tube balms solidify so much that you need a chisel to get some out.

And the best part? Guys can use these too!

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