Japanese beauty magazine - Bea's Up

Ok this review is seriously long overdue. I wasn't 100% thrilled with my first Japanese beauty magazine purchase Voce so decided to give Bea's Up a try.

The issue I have here is September 2009, released in August.

At first first glance the most obvious difference Bea's Up and Voce is that the former goes from right to left. I had no idea since I didn't see a copy of this magazine before I bought it from JP-Books; not a huge problem but a bit inconvenient and different to what I'm used to. Its pages are thinner than those of Voce but still good quality.

Bea's Up has way more how to pictures and product swatch photos, which is great because they're the only parts I understand jelir

I contacted the super sweet PJ from A Touch of Blusher who told me that Bea's Up targets a younger audience (girls in their 20s) than Voce & Biteki, and out of the latter two, Voce has more coverage on fashion whereas Biteki has more coverage on health/well-being. I have next to zero interest in fashion (give me a jeans/shorts + vest top combo any day and I'm happy) so I won't be buying Voce again.

As for Bea's Up I think it's pretty decent so far (I can get used to the pages being from right to left I suppose), but want to try the other magazines such as Biteki & Maquia before I possibly settle on a favourite.

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