Japanese beauty magazine Voce

Voce September 2009

Voce is one of many beauty magazines available in Japan. There's nothing even remotely like these available in the UK and even though I can't read Japanese, it's easy to tell that it is very much beauty oriented with very little coverage on other topics which is what I want in a beauty magazine. Most of the time I live in jeans/shorts & tank top combo so I'm not interested in what the latest styles are etc.

Another observation I made on about the Japanese magazines I had a look at in London, is that they all use really good quality glossy paper unlike the flimsy stuff we get in UK mags. Voce retails for 500 yen (about £3) but I paid just under £10 in store; it's very heavy for a magazine with 244 pages so shipping must have cost been a fair bit.

My choices were between Maquia and Voce when I went to the Japan Centre (for my favourite food salmon nigiri!). A quick flick through both steered me away from the former as its pages went from right to left which would have confused me even further, and it just feels more natural for me to flick magazines with my right hand. There's also a feature on lipglosses with swatches in Voce... I snapped it up at an insane speed.

The September issue came with a page booklet featuring new releases, complete with pictures, from 57 brands.

Here's a photo of one of the pages. I've been drooling at Lavshuca's 5 new Fall 09 Light Mix Eyes palettes for months! Maybe I'll grab a lipgloss too :P

I probably won't be buying Voce again unless it comes with something seriously amazing & exclusive, but I have thoroughly enjoyed flicking through and looking at the photos nontheless.

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