banila co Good Night Kiss Lip Care Essence

I got this as part of my banila co purchase from Gmarket. There was also a Kiss Essence (for use during the day) with SPF 10 available, but I passed on it as I'm not a fan of lip products with SPF - I've yet to find one that doesn't taste funny!

Anyway this Good Night Kiss Lip Care Essence comes in a glossy black squeezy tube housing 15ml of product with a convenient slanted tip. Its main ingredient is petrolatum (petroleum/mineral oil derived cream) which is also contained in Vaseline, Kiehl's and many other lip products.

There's a faint fruity scent but it's not obtrusive, and it feels nice & moisturizing, but not sticky, on my lips.

I now use this before I go to bed and it stays on during the night so I wake up to soft, smooth lips; it has also replaced my old favourite Majolica Majorca Majex Lip Cream because I have no idea where it is right now >_<


  1. oooh i havent tried this and i am looking for something to use overnight
    will check this out!! thankies!

  2. Hi Yumeko, thank you for your comment ^^

    It is a rather nice overnight treatment, and I currently use it every night before bed.