Review - Love Clover Lip Treatment Butter

Love Clover is a Japanese drugstore brand under B&C Laboratories Inc. which I believe is co-owned by Sony. Their products have a very girly look (awesome for me!) Lip Treatment Butter is the only lip care product they have at the moment.
I purchased mine from Ichibankao when buying some skincare stuff. I think it was the word "butter" that spurred me on to adding this little jar to my cart.
Whenever I think of butter, I think of luscious, soft awesomeness that insta-melts upon touch. I want my lip balms to be the same, minus the greasiness & calories of course, and I don't have lip balms on toast. The packaging is a cute little jar with pretty pink patterns on its gold lid, housing 8.5g of lip butter.
I absolutely love that the Lip Treatment Butter comes with a small spatula in its own plastic sleeve (Western makeup brands take note!) so you don't need to stick your finger in the balm, making it more hygienic. Except I'll probably end up misplacing the spatula and using my fingers anyway, since unless I snap it in half the spatula won't fit in the jar.
One small scoop of super creamy lip butter is enough to cover my lips and it literally melts upon application which I absolutely adore. After a while you can feel a slight cooling tingle that lingers and the taste is a very faint menthol - really quite pleasant. It gives my lips a healthy glossy look and sinks in making them smooth and supple; I'll definitely be using this as an overnight treatment and throughout the day too, it's also an awesome remedy for chapped lips.

Although this is a very nice lip care product, I probably won't repurchase as I simply have so many different balms within reach at the moment, and I'm constantly discovering new ones as they're released (I don't buy them all - not that crazy lol!)

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