MAC Wipes Bulk

Sometimes I'm lazy. So lazy that I really don't feel like spending ages cleansing, or just very tired and want to jump in bed ASAP. It is those times when I feel super fortunate for having stumbled upon MAC Wipes while scanning their website.

At £18 for 100 wipes, there are certainly cheaper alternatives, but these wipes are so awesome! They literally remove every trace of makeup, plus leave my face soft, clean, and refreshed. The pack is resealable and has a sheet of silver foil covering the wipes to make sure that they stay as fresh as possible. You can use these to remove waterproof mascara too, but you need to hold them over your eye for a good few seconds before wiping.

Don't need to rub very hard to remove makeup, except with waterproof ones you'll need to work a bit harder, which is great as my skin can be a bit sensitive (Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Foundation gave me not-so-nice rough, pink patches on my cheeks...grr!)

As nice and convenient these are, they are not a substitute for a good cleanser. I love them but don't use them all the time (only for the extreme lazy days) and the packaging is quite bulky, so not really ideal for small handbags or if you go travelling. MAC does have a smaller version, but I much prefer the luxuriously oversized ones.

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