MAC Pigment swatches & review

MAC needs no introduction; they are one of my very favourite brands and I absolutely love MAC Pigment. I currently only have 4 shades, which are Vanilla, Pink Pearl (Pro), Melon and Rose Gold (Pro). They are very versatile, highly pigmented (except Vanilla which I use mainly as a highlighter) and you only need to use a small amount.

I like to dispense my pigments into little MAC Travel Jars (£3 for 4) so I won't accidentally dip the wrong brush into the original pigment pots or bring moisture into them.

Photo taken with flash
(From left to right)
Vanilla - Great multitasking product. Can be used to highlight cheekbones, browbones, mix with clear lipgloss, add a bit to foundation/moisturiser to make your skin glow... super versatile and has such a pretty pink/gold shimmer.
Pink Pearl - Beautiful fuchsia pink with blue/violet shimmer. This is super pretty, but I haven't really used it as I bought it because I loved the colour!
Melon - Mix of peach/gold shimmer, looks good on all skin tones. Add to some moisturiser for a sun kissed golden glow, and if you have darker skin you can even use this as a cheek/browbone highlighter on its own.
Rose Gold - I don't understand why it's called "rose" when I see nothing rosey about this? It is, however, a very pretty metallic bronze. This pigment is very finely milled, highly concentrated and needs to be applied with a light touch. I mostly use this as eyeliner and it lasts throughout the day.

Swatches on my arm

If you accidentally spill any of the pigments on your carpet, cotton pad soaked with makeup remover works wonders. Tried & tested with Pink Pearl and cream carpet (not intentionally!)

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