Chocoable EpiPack peeling mask

The Chocoable EpiPack for face is a chocolate peeling mask which is a top seller in Japan. It claims to be good for removing dead skin, unclogging & shrinking pores, and revealing more even and brighter skin, plus ideal for use before makeup application so that it goes on nice and smooth.

I purchased mine from Zakka24 along with the matching chocolate lipgloss. The mask comes in a squeezy tube with 80g of product

Despite what some of the promo pictures show, it does not remove facial hairs (maybe a few but certainly not all of them) like a wax strip.

A blob of mask squeezed from the tube

Only need to use a thin layer like below, spread more evenly of course, or it will take a lot longer to dry and there will be gloopy parts you can't peel off

You apply this mask all over your face, avoiding the eye & lip areas (as well as eyebrows and hairline or it will hurt later). Leave for about 15 minutes or so until the mask dries, and when it does slowly peel off from your chin upwards.

It doesn't really hurt that much, but I guess it depends on the person, but it is totally worth it! The results are amazing and it really does leave me with smoother, brighter looking skin, plus my face is so super soft that I find myself rubbing it for hours.

I usually use this mask once per week and it really does wonders for my complexion, plus the smell of chocolate is so relaxing...

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  1. I've heard about taking care of your skin using chocolate based masks but I must say I was quite sceptic as to whether this was effective or not, adding to that this kind of care doesn't come cheap where I live quite explains why I never tried before..

    But I've ordered this before and holy .... beware not sure you'll come back in one piece after using it ...can't resist that chocolate smell!!

    And once I peeled it off I applied a nut of moisturizer, I must say it did leave my skin smooth and clean, such a delightful feeling after a nice relaxing hot bath.Can't wait to use it again!

    Oh and if there are females around be sure to hide it somewhere safe or you might have to buy another one sooner than expected *sigh* or be smart (unlike me) and buy a couple :)