Review - MAC Moisturelush Cream

Very rarely do I repurchase the same product; I mean a lot of the times I say I would, but end up reaching for something else. The fact that this is my second jar of MAC Moisturelush Cream surely has to mean that it's awesome?

According to MAC this is:

A richly hydrating face cream that helps moisturize and protect facial skin. Provides instant, long-lasting moisture. Leaves skin soft while lush formula helps balance skin's natural barrier and alleviate dry skin. Silky to apply, glides on easily. Helps create an even surface for a smooth, more perfect makeup application.

And it certainly lives up to its claim! Although rich and hydrating, this moisturizer is not oily or greasy, spreads easily and sinks into your skin super fast. Initially it may feel like there's a film on your face but this soon disappears after a few seconds.

I have combination skin so I use this mostly on my cheeks which can get a bit dry sometimes, also as a night cream and it works wonders on any flaky & dry patches. If you have extreme oily skin this may not be suitable, so either use very sparingly or try MAC Studio Moisture Fix which is more lightweight.
Moisturelush Cream has a nice, fresh smell, but if you prefer fragrance free moisturizers this smell goes away after a short while leaving it baby soft, especially after Chocoable EpiPack.

Packaging wise it comes in a white plastic jar with a black lid containing 50ml of awesomeness. I actually like the jar in this case because with tube moisturzers it's a pain getting the last bits out, and with a pump bottle there's always a lot left wasted at the bottom. I just make sure my fingers are clean before scooping out any cream. You don't need to use a lot of product at all and a little goes a long way.

Will I repurchase (again)? Hell yes. It is already on the list of my next MAC haul :D

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