This is why I like Tenso

From time to time Tenso has an international shipping discount campaign, where if you spend over x amount on a website (usually Rakuten JP), you'd receive a shipping discount. I almost always use this opportunity to stock up on a few Japanese skincare and makeup items, plus Rilakkuma products.

And of course, the packages I receive are always well packed. I've even ordered fragile goods before, such as tableware, and nothing has ever arrived broken.
The latest campaign enabled me to pick up the following items with discounted shipping!

From left to right:
Rilakkuma pens, Ettusais Herbal UV Jelly (reviewed here), Privacy UV Face Powder, Only Minerals Aqua Lift Diamond BB, HABA Ion My Esthe II, Dr.Ci:Labo BB Perfect Cream Light, Dr.Ci:Labo Enrich Lift UV Powder, HABA Squa Facial Foam (to use with my other HABA skincare products).

It only took two days for everything to arrive in the UK with EMS!

I'll be posting about these items over the coming days/weeks, starting with a quick mention about the Rilakkuma pens.

These Rilakkuma pens are really great; they're double ended with felt/plastic tipped ends, both of which have fluid ink flow. More importantly the range of colours helps someone like me, who has the artistic flair of a banana, with organiser decoration - certainly useful to have!

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