Neiman Marcus Fall 2015 Beauty Event Thoughts

Around a week ago, Neiman Marcus ran a beauty event offering one of the tote bags above plus samples, with orders over $125. Individual brands also had fantastic value GWPs along with step up gifts.

For example, with $100+ fresh purchase, you'd get a 4 piece fresh set, but if you spend over $150, a mini fresh Creme Ancienne Soft Creme would be added. I've been wanting to try this brand for a while, so I used a package forwarding service to get all of the GWPs.

The NM tote was available in 3 colours - wine red, black, and grey. I chose the red:

This tote is basically a bucket. There are no inside compartments or zips. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, because with no zip anything I place inside will end up falling out. Maybe I'll use it as storage for products I never use and eventually forget about.

The samples:

An underwhelming selection... With the exception of the nail file and Jack Black Turbo Wash, I won't be using any of these.

The fresh GWP, on the other hand, is much better. For purchases of over $100, you get the following items worth $90 (apparently):

  • Soy Face Cleanser, 20ml
  • Creme Ancienne Eye Cream, 3g
  • Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy, 5 ml
  • Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy, 2.2g

The step up gift of a 6ml Creme Ancienne Soft Creme (worth $16) was added for purchases over $150. This went out of stock within the first couple of days - must be a really popular product!

In my opinion, the NM tote wasn't at all worth, and I probably should have discarded it so the shipping cost (to the UK) would have been less. However, I do love the fresh GWPs. Not only are the mini sizes adorable, they're also perfect for travelling!

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