Innisfree Yummy Collagen With Jeju Soybean

Out of all the collagen supplements I've tried in the past, these Innisfree Yummy Collagen With Jeju Soybean sticks are by far the most delicious. Packaged in portable 12g sachets, they're perfect for carrying around too.

I've previously finished 3 boxes (21 sachets total), and have recently repurchased 5 more boxes from TesterKorea.

Each sachet contains 2000mg of marine collagen, and can be consumed either alone or diluted in water. Since they're so delicious (grape flavoured?), I prefer to drink straight from the sachet.

I've started my day with one sachet in the morning for the past three weeks, and to my surprise, have actually noticed a minor improvement in that my pores appear to be a tiny bit smaller and that my skin has more of a glow to it. Although the difference so far has only been very slight, at only 7,000 KRW per box (approx £4.50), these are much cheaper than most collagen supplements, so I'll continue to take them. In fact, I've just placed another order for more.

To save space, I've stashed the sachets in my Rilakkuma mini backpack :D

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