Space Series Rilakkuma & other bear related things

I love it when Tenso has international shipping campaigns, especially when they coincide with a new Rilakkuma release, which gives me a totally justifiable excuse to shop.

Group photo:

Rilakkuma curry dishes, Korilakkuma tonsui bowl, Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma bowls and plates. My kitchen needs Rilakkuma too!

I'm a huge fan of these Rilakkuma deco pens and like to use them to decorate my organiser. Not sure if you can get refills for them, but it isn't a big deal as they're very well priced.

Small Rilakkuma spoons, forks, pink Korilakkuma chopsticks, and two Space Rilakkuma letter sets.

Last but not least, the standard release Rilakkuma Space Series plushies! Their space helmets are removable, with the exception of Kiitotori, whose space suit is more like a hoodie.

I think these are probably my second favourite series so far, after the Stripes Stripes Everyday store limited edition kumas - bears in polar bear suits, you really can't get much cuter than that!

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