Rilakkuma Stripes Stripes Everyday Series

San-X has done it again! They've released yet another seriously cute Rilakkuma series I just had to have - Stripes Stripes Everyday (しましまエブリディ). Thanks to Tenso, I was able to purchase the full set before some were sold out, yay!

I've had these plushies for about 2 weeks, but haven't got round to posting about them because I've been too busy playing the HD remastered version of Final Fantasy X on both Vita and PS3 (love that game save sync feature). I remember spending a lot of time playing the original when it was released 12 years ago; maxing characters, playing Blitzball, beating down Dark Aeons... Ah, the nostalgia... Unfortunately, these days it often feels like there aren't enough hours in the day, so my progress has been slower, but I digress.

The Rilakkuma Stripes Stripes Everyday series has everyone dressed up in penguin costumes, with the exception of Kiiroitori, who appears to be dressed up as a polar bear. Of the three characters, Kiiroitori has always been my least favourite, but I thought he was simply too cute to pass up! Maybe it's those bear ears...

For the M size plushies (larger plush), Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori are holding a miniature blue striped fish, pink striped fish & striped penguin, and a striped polar bear respectively.




For the S size plushies, only Kiiroitori has a polar bear, while his friends come empty handed.

While I was at it, I picked up the Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma mini chest of drawers. They're the perfect size for storing little things, and can even be used as desktop bookends.

I also ordered the store Limited Edition plushie set below, which will be on their way once a few other items are with my Taobao forwarding agent.

For those wondering why I didn't get my goodies via FromJapan - because of Tenso's 50% off international shipping (up to a maximum discount of 5000 Yen) campaign, they worked out to be cheaper by approximately 4500 Yen. But after further calculations, it appears that Tenso might actually be better for my needs long term - I'm in the middle of a FromJapan vs Tenso comparison post, so will try to finish that ASAP!

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