Year of Rilakkuma

Unlike previous years, I've not purchased any clothes in the sales. Instead, I've been building my collection of Rilakkuma (plus Korilakkuma and some Kiiroitori) plushes. They really make such brilliant room decorations, and can never have too many bears!

There are still a few more on the way, but I should be done for now, or at least, until San-X releases their next Rilakkuma collection!

Most bears were from Taobao via Panli, a Chinese proxy shopping/forwarding service, who is currently investigating the disappearance of my Luk Fook Rilakkuma pendant & jewellery box - one of Panli's employees didn't pack them in, and I'd sent several photos/videos showing the weight discrepancy. Until that is sorted, I will be looking to find an alternative service.

Anyway, without further ado, here's a pic of the Rilakkumas I received so far in 2014:

I'll start with the Zodiac Collection, which is a limited edition release for Rilakkuma's 10th Anniversary. I currently have 9/12 - expecting the remaining 3 shortly.

Since I don't have all of them yet, in no particular order, Gemini Rilakkuma:

Pisces - Rilakkuma has a mermaid tail!

Leo - one of my favourites, the lion costume is simply adorable!



Scorpio - Rilakkuma has a tail on the back of his head. How hilariously cute!


Rilakkuma Chocolate Series - Kiiroitori, Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma, each wearing a fluffy chocolate suit and holding a chocolate bar.

Rilakkuma Happy Natural Time - forest themed

Rilakkuma Burger Series - I'm lacking Kiiroitori, but as the bird is my least favourite character, I'm not too bothered.

Very happy that I've managed to hunt down these burger bears though!

Sailor Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

Aloha Rilakkuma Series - Rilakkuma has gone to Hawaii! Kiiroitori will be joining his friends soon.

Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori from the Egg Series (already have Eggy Rilakkuma)

Kiiroitori from the Rilakkuma Sweets Series to complete my set, and Korilakkuma as a rabbit, in a pink rabbit costume - I think this was released in 2007? Got her because she's cute, fluffy and pink ^_^

Rilakkuma Bath Series - already have Korilakkuma, so got Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori

Rilakkuma Happy Time Series - not 100% sure about the name, but I think these are limited edition, and can only be purchased at a San-X store. Absolutely love them!

Rilakkuma 10th Anniversary - Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori are each riding a white horse and looking rather noble in the process. Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of these to begin with, but they grew on me.

Rilakkuma Lawson Shopping Cart - this is another one of my favourites; Rilakkuma pushing Korilkkuma and Kiiroitori in a shopping cart (they were clearly too lazy to walk).

Rilakkuma Lawson Oden Series - Rilakkuma is sitting in an oden pot and munching up all the ingredients! He is quite possibly my absolute favourite out of this lot!

As I now have quite a few plushes, I think Rilakkuma deserves a dedicated section on my blog. Hmmm...


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! I want to steal them all!!!!

  2. Noooooo!!! *locks them up*