CandyDoll Liquid Foundation, Concealer & Makeup Base SPF30

A couple of posts ago I wrote about my recent purchase of some CandyDoll products. I've since been using them almost daily, except for the Powder Foundation and Mineral Powder as I was in the mood for a lighter coverage.

The problem I have with most western foundation brands is that even given the correct shade depth, the foundation undertones are either too yellow or too pink. My previous favorite foundation was by SUQQU, but it contains parabens so that's now a no go.

For references purposes the last MAC foundation I owned was Mineralize Satinfinish in NC15, but it's been over a year since I've used the brand (booted out for containing parabens). When I purchased it I remembered the MAC MA using NC15 and NC20 on either side of my face, both shades blended in but NC20 made my skin look slightly duller so we agreed I should go for NC15.

Now on to the CandyDoll products!

CandyDoll Liquid Foundation

Currently available in shades 01 and 03, with 02 to be released soon. 03 looked quite a bit darker than 01 so I chose the latter.

It comes in a little 30g tube and retails at ¥2310 (≈$28)

Coverage wise wise it's quite light, somewhat buildable and between tinted moisturizer & foundation. It evens out my skin but doesn't cover up any noticeable blemishes, which is where the concealer comes in. I would have preferred some sort of SPF but it's not a big deal.

Foundation swatch

It looks rather dark swatched on my arm but after spreading it out a lot it's a good match, albeit a little too dark. However I do like its matte and slightly glowy finish, how it doesn't settle into pores and that it's long lasting. Not my HG foundation, but a good substitute.

CandyDoll Makeup Base SPF30

Comes in a 30g squeeze tube and is only available in shade 01 right now.

Swatch of the Makeup Base

It contains super fine shimmer particles to brighten the skin either under foundation or when worn on its own. Makes my skin look brighter, smoother and gives it a dewy boost when used under CandyDoll Foundation, plus it minimizes pores. The SPF30 is also a nice addition, makes me feel safer about being in daylight :P

It's difficult to take a photo of but as you can see below it brightens my skin.

It's very light (almost watery), not at all sticky and so sheer that I think it's suitable for all skintones. Very happy with this purchase!

It retails at ¥1890 (≈$23)

CandyDoll Concealer
I picked 01 out of the two available shades 01 & 02. I wanted a concealer that completely covered up blemishes, and it must be creamy enough so it won't flake - surprisingly most concealers I've tried did not fulfill these simple requirements.

But fortunately for me, the CandyDoll Concealer does meet my standards! It is very moisturizing without being oily and the convenient doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply.

I only need to dab on the tiniest amount on individual blemishes, pat a little, and job done. I don't get dark circles so can't comment on how well it conceals them.

Concealer swatch

A few layers of the concealer will even cover up freckles. As I'm quite pale the few freckles I have are super obvious (at least to me) so on my makeup days I like to use some of this on the freckles =P

There's no indication of how much product is in a tube, the container is a little shorter than regular lip balm (4.25g) but approximately the same diameter, so I'm estimating just over 3ml which at a price of ¥1260 (≈$15) is very reasonable in my opinion.

Next to tube of lip balm

Review of the powder foundation and mineral powder to follow!


  1. Like the packaging, I'm a sucker for kawaii/pretty things! Lolx~

    I think I've ever mentioned before, you are so fair!!! So envious!

    The concealer seems like a pretty good product..

  2. I like pink packaging, but am not overly keen on the solid black stripes :P

    Aww thanks but the downside is any freckles/spots/etc really show up on my skin >_< and it's difficult for me to find a foundation that's not too yellow or too pink.

  3. Hey! Not sure if you will check out my blog's comment.. So I thought I better leave u a comment here...

    For Naruko, I recommend you to try the Rose and Snow Fungus Night Eye Gelly and Night Gelly.

    The Total Defense and Niaouli & Tea Tree ranges are not bad either!
    I think I have tried all the items frm the 2 ranges..

    The only product I don't like is the Total Defense Night Repairing Dew.. Too sticky.. But if you have drier skin, then it may suit you better..

  4. Thank you so much! I was really wondering how the product was. I too was a little disappointed with the packaging, after the dollywink designs and some of the candydoll, i thought it might look a little different, but then again candy doll designs are pretty plain. I think I want to try the concealer now and probably the base. The foundation doesn't sound like it will work too well for me. I need more coverage. I can't wait to hear about the powder!

  5. You're welcome Lacey, thanks for checking back! I would 100% recommend the base & concealer, but not so much the foundation unless you want something light.

    As for the powder foundation... I think you will like it :P

  6. the coverage of the concealer is really good? Or is it just light to medium?
    thank you! great review! One of the only ones I could find about the concealer xD

  7. You're welcom! The coverage is really good and conceals almost everything :D

    I stil use this concealer a lot fo the time & really like it. It convers up most imperfections nicely but when I occasionally get a huge blemish, I apply a bit more.

  8. Hello!

    I just wanted to know what type of color is your skin? and it's undertones? Pink, yellow or neutral? or whether you know your MAC shade?
    I'm having a lot of difficulty choosing a color of the Candy Doll foundation ><
    What undertone would you say it has?
    does it oxides a bit darker than when you first put it on your face?


  9. Hi Lovely! I think I have some yellow undertones and neutral foundations work for me too, but pink toned foundations definitely do not.

    MAC wise both NC15 and NC20 work for me, and I used to alternate between the two. The Candydoll Foundation is ever so slightly darker than NC20 so at a guess I'd say shade 01 works for up to NC25. It looks ok initially but once it settles & oxidizes it's a bit too dark for me.

    Hope this helped! =)